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Here are some common triggers for clinginess! 1. Leaving your child with another carer Getty If you have to leave your child with a babysitter, at a daycare or with a friend, you might find your distressed toddler will hold your legs or want to be picked up in a bid to stop you leaving them. They might even go into epic tantrum mode. 23-month-old weight and height. Average weight of a 23-month-old is 25.9 pounds for girls and 26.3 pounds for boys. Average height of a 23-month-old is 33.7 inches for girls and 34.2 inches for boys. However, as long as your 23-month-old is where they should be on the growth chart your pediatrician uses to track your 23-month-old baby's. Most often, ignoring clingy children or making them stay alone when they need comfort will prolong the clingy phase. This happens because the clingy toddler gets stuck in fear, confusion and has a lack of a "secure base" or a safe caregiver (mom/dad/other) to count on. Children are designed to seek out comfort from their parents.